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Rescue ME Clifford is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, volunteer run, foster based organization dedicated to saving the lives of high risk dogs in rural communities. Once a dog is identified as being at risk, we will do our best efforts to tend to the dog's medical needs, provide all appropriate vaccinations and tests, spay/neuter the dog, and place the dog in a foster home until a permanent home is found. To increase our likelihood of success, we work in partnership with other organizations, including those in more urban areas. We have foster homes throughout the Marshall, IL area and throughout Chicago.  

Rescue Me Clifford has was founded in October 2011. Within the first year of existence, the euthanasia rate in county pounds dropped from 98% to less than 2%. From Oct 1, 2011 - Oct 2021, over 5600 dogs have been adopted or transferred to one of our safe humane rescue partners. 


This is Clifford. He was literally moments away from being put down when Marilyn was introduced to him. She took him home and they both never looked back. Saving Clifford changed Marilyn's life.


Marilyn learned how many amazing dogs were being euthanized and knew she had to do something. She began asking her network of friends and family for help, put together an amazing team of driven, passionate volunteers, and created Rescue Me Clifford

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